This is my highly Aaronic online archive of deeply Aaronic musings.

I established this website as a resource for my friends, family, and others in my church community. But if any visitors should stumble upon my website, please, be my guests and be blessed. I hope the Lord God will find my words to faithfully represent his Holy Word and will work through what I’ve written to edify you.

I post my musings through the blog feed. Some are occasional pieces that stand alone. They may be worshipful reflections during the church year. Or they may be a teaching that doesn’t fit neatly anywhere. Other pieces I publish belong to various collections with common subjects. The directory organizes each collection by general subject and specific series. I’d like to grow a roughly systematic theology from my musings in time.

I want to take lengthy and complicated teachings and boil them down into simple and accessible thoughts. And I don’t claim any of these ideas as my original thinking. Like so many other teachers, I learned what I know by sitting at the feet of wiser souls who have come before me. And I like to turn around and share what I’ve learned.

The grace of God in Christ be with you,