About Biblical Typology

Typology is skillful artisanship, not scientific methodology. Our modernistic culture, as we have inherited it, has trained us to think like coldly analytical Greco-Romans “repeatedly cutting to pieces” (analysis in Greek) the meaty teachings served to us. This is a practice that most certainly has its place in biblical studies, but it’s only one of several methods of digesting Holy Scripture to get the most nutrition from the Word of God, sweet as honey to the lips of his people.

Another tool of scriptural interpretation is something akin to playing a rousing game of Pictionary, Guesstures, or Apples to Apples, i.e. using word and image associations. Each occurrence of people, places, and things in Scripture brings new details and associations, which are added to the growing number of facets on each typological gemstone. In time, single words can carry heavy typological baggage. Typological relationships can be parallel, they can be anti-parallel, and they can be both at once.