Liturgical Resistance

There is no good reason to believe that the proper worship of God comes naturally to fallen human beings, even to his redeemed ones who suffer from the warfare between the flesh and the spirit. The people of God have rebellious urges against his ordained liturgy. At the heart of the Second Commandment is a prohibition on worshiping God in ways he has not prescribed, and we’re resistant to following it. We add to what the Lord has commanded, and we take away from what the Lord as commanded. But the Spirit of Promise who dwells in us and is in the midst of the assembled congregation wages war upon our flesh. He’s conforming us to the image of the Son and bringing forth the fruit of good works. This battle is at work in the character of our corporate worship on the Lord’s Day as much as it is in the character of our individual lives day by day. To tweak St. Augustine, “O Lord, command of us the worship you desire, and grant to us the power to do what you command!”