Indestructible Life

It’s not enough that Jesus died for our sins. The Apostle Paul says that he was delivered up unto death for our trespasses and raised again from death for our justification. He’s declared to the world to be the Son of God by his resurrection. The reality of Christ’s resurrection is the assurance of glorified life from the dead to all who are in him. This is why the night’s sorrow on Good Friday must pass away to see the renewed joy of the Lord on Easter Morning.

Lenten Thrift Shop

I’ve had conflicted thoughts about Lenten practices and other aspects of the medieval liturgical calendar for years. But I’m pretty sure my reasons are significantly different from those of contemporary evangelicals. My concern is a matter of the effectiveness (or counter-productivity) of communal formative habits and modest implementation of a regulative principle of worship in … Continue reading Lenten Thrift Shop