Christological Perspectives

The Old Testament is full of typologies of Christ. Not all of them are explicitly called out by the New Testament writers. But the pieces are generally in place to unpack the imagery and see the shadows of Christ cast by God’s glorious light of truth.

The Incarnate Word
The Threefold Christ – Three Anointed Occupations in One Man
The Whole Christ – The Head and the Body as One Complete Being
The Son of God –
The New Adam – Father and Federal Head of a New Humanity
The New Israel
The New Mediator
The True Tree of Life
The True Temple of God – Dwelling Place of God amidst Humanity
The True Sabbath Day – Rest from Striving after Righteousness
The Seed of the Woman – Wounded and Victorious Dragonslayer
The Seed of Abraham – Inheriting the World and Blessing the Nations
The Seed of David – Building a House for Yahweh’s Name to Dwell
The Greater Jacob
The Greater Moses
The Greater Solomon – Resplendent King in the Sight of the Nations
The Good Scapegoat – Banishing the Anxiety of the Community
The Good Firmament – Bridging the Gap between Heaven and Earth