Christological Perspectives

Before Incarnation – Eternal Son or Eternal Word
The Incarnate Word

The Monogenic Son –
The Firstborn Son –
The Son of God – Seated on David’s Throne at the Right Hand of God
The Threefold Christ – Three Anointed Occupations in One Man
The Whole Christ – The Head and the Body as One Complete Being
The New Adam – Father and Federal Head of a New Humanity
The New Israel
The New Mediator
The True Tree of Life
The True Temple of God – Dwelling Place of God amidst Humanity
The True Sabbath Day – Rest from Striving after Righteousness
The Seed of the Woman – Wounded and Victorious Dragonslayer
The Seed of Abraham – Inheriting the World and Blessing the Nations
The Seed of David – Building a House for Yahweh’s Name to Dwell
The Greater Jacob
The Greater Moses
The Greater Solomon – Resplendent King in the Sight of the Nations
The Good Scapegoat – Banishing the Anxiety of the Community
The Good Firmament – Bridging the Gap between Heaven and Earth