Liturgical Perspectives

Liturgical Contours
Liturgical Resistance – Against God’s Worship in Thought, Word, and Deed
Liturgical Theater – Participating in the Holy Drama of Corporate Worship
Liturgical Warfare – The Army of the Lord at War with Spiritual Darkness
Liturgical Sexuality – The Gendered Character of the Christian Priesthood
Liturgical Structure – Offering the Sacrifices of God in an Honorable Order

Covenantal Architecture
Way of the Covenant
Word of the Covenant
Signs of the Covenant
Servants of the Covenant

Roots in the Old Covenant
Drawing Near to God
Pedagogical Animals – Learning the Symbology of the Beasts
Knife and Fire Motif – The Sacrificial Tools of the Priesthood
Ascension Offerings
Tribute Offerings –
Peace Offerings
Guilt Offerings
Trespass Offerings
Sacrificial Sequence
Ceremonial Death
Sacred Geography